Change Log

Here's what's changed in each version



  • Updated the Airport Definition Data (Airport ID to Name conversion).



  • Fixed a problem with the Trial Version expiring prematurely.



  • Added the option for Line Graphs to show 'Activity Per Day'.

  • Fixed a bug that caused any weeks without any flight activity to not be shown on the graphs.



  • Fixed a bug on the Line Graphs that caused Hours and Distances to be displayed incorrectly.



  • Achievement Progress Tracker now works with Steam Installations.



  • Enhanced decoding of the Logbook file to enable the main display to correctly show the Departure Runway for some flights that have internally misaligned data.

  • Added a check to stop Steam users from getting errors with Achievements Progress Tracker until the feature has been completed for Steam installation.



  • Fix for an issue that could occur when Achievements are being processed and the internet connection is lost.



  • Added a New Feature called 'Achievements Progress Tracker', which will provide comprehensive assistance in evaluating remaining 'Flight Simulator Achievement' objectives. (see User Guide)

  • The value displayed for each flight's Weather were showing the weather at the End of each flight rather than the Start of the flight.

  • Added internal Unicode support.



  • User Request - Added Preference to make Yellow-Highlighting of Flights that include Slewing an Optional Preference.

  • UI optimizations.



  • The Group Analysis & Summary window now allows 'Drilling Down' into any Summary Record to view its constituent flights.
    (See section 6.3.1 'Drill-down into each individual flight' under '6.3 Group Analysis and Summarizing' in the User Guide)



  • Added a Preference Option for having a larger font on the Logbook data grids. (user requested feature for those using large monitors)

  • Corrected an issue that could lead to the Destination Airport Runway being incorrectly decoded.

  • Upgraded to the latest version of the internal web control that is used for creating the Built-In Map Viewer.



  • New Auto-Refresh feature has been added. Now, if FlightLog Analyzer is running concurrently when Flight Simulator finishes a flight, FlightLog Analyzer will detect the addition of the new flight and automatically update the main flight-log display

  • Enhancements made to the accuracy of decoding the Planned Landing Runway (the "Rwy-Land" column on the main display)



  • FlightLog Analyzer now decodes each flight's VFR and IFR information. This includes:

    • VFR vs IFR Flight Rules
    • Navigation Method (VOR, GPS, IFR High Alt, IFR Low Alt)
    • Approaches (GPS, ILS, VOR/DME, RNAV, LOC, LDA, NDB, VOR-A    i.e. ILS-21R)
    • SIDs (Standard Instrument Departures)
    • STARs (Standard Terminal ARrivals)

    This information is also available for use in the Group Analysis & Summary window, as well as on the Charts panel

  • Water Runways at Seaports now show the Ordinal Compass heading of the 'Runway'
  • Fixed a bug experienced by users who only have a small amount of flights



  • More 'Chart Types' have been added. Now Flight Metrics aren't just computable based on 'Number of Flights', but 'Flight Hours' and 'Flight Distance' as well.



  • FlightLog Analyzer now cross-references a list of 78-Thousand airport codes to provide decoded airport IDs.
    (previously only 28-thousand airport codes were used)

  • The Date-Range Calendar objects on the Group Analysis display now update / filter the results immediately as dates are selected.



  • Enhanced 'Aircraft-Model Name Translation' to allow the Aircraft Manufacturer to be modified as well as the Aircraft Model.
    (see User Guide for more information)

  • Fixed an issue dealing with opening and editing the 'Aircraft Model Name Translation' file.

  • Fixed an issue dealing with Re-Compressing the Logbook file after performing a Flight Fixer or Flight Cleaner operation.



  • Made creating and editing the 'Aircraft Model Name Translation' file easier.
    Simply select Edit -> Edit Aircraft Model Translations from the Main Menu Bar. Or, just press the F10 key.

  • Fixed an issue that was reported in the Aircraft-Model Name Translation feature.



  • Added 'Dark Mode' for use in dimly lit rooms.
    (Toggle the Dark Theme by pressing F11, or via the EDIT -> Toggle DarkMode selection on the main menu bar)

  • Added the 'Aircraft-Model Name Translations' feature. This allows the removal of unwanted Livery and Color suffixes that can adversely affect Group Summary Analysis by breaking up entries that otherwise would have the same base Aircraft Model.
    (see User Guide for more information)

  • Minor improvement to Group Summary Analysis page to show the Count of how many distinct groupings were found.



  • Minor fix to the Built-In Map feature.

  • A 'Reset All' button was added to the Charts & Graphs panel which provides resetting of all the charts and graphs at one time.
    The two Graphs on Main Display now remember their last state, Line or Bar.



  • Added a new export type for the Sky Dolly app. Please refer to the User Guide for details.

  • Added the ability to change the Summary Types of the BarCharts and Graphs by using a Right-Click on a Chart or Graph.

  • More Chart and Graph Summary Types have been added.

  • The Logbook Locator automatically launches if the Logbook file isn't found at startup.



  • Added a new feature to FlightLog Analyzer, the 'Charts & Graphs' panel. The thumbnail graphs on this collapsible panel give a graphical representations of your Flight Statistics.

    Even more Summary Types, along with expanded Chart and Graph functionality are on short-final will be landing soon! Consider this a taste of more to come.

  • Added the new Logbook Locator tool that can automate tracking down the Logbook file for those that didn't install Flight Simulator to the Default Directory.

  • Fixed a bug in the Flight Fixer utility.



  • Improved the Built-In Map display to provide better 'Centering' of the flights when multiple flights are selected.
    Also addressed an issue whereby corrupt records in some flights within the FS2020 Logbook could cause problems.

  • Enhanced the drawing of the Flight Profile display to better handle corrupt records in the FS2020 Logbook file.

  • Added additional TraceLog info to better assist in the automatic locating of the Logbook file on non-standard FS installations.



  • Added the 'Flight Fixer' tool. This tool allows for the correction of Missing Takeoffs and Landings in the Flight Simulator Logbook.

  • Corrected an issue with Re-Ordering the columns in the data tables.

  • FlightLog Editor has been renamed to Logbook Cleaner.



  • Added a specific export format for Volanta.

  • Added a specific export format for SimTookKitPro.

  • Added decoded Airport Names to the .CSV, .XML, and LittleNavMap export formats.

  • The main screen's Flight Data Table now marks Takeoffs and Landings in Red if FS2020 miscounted them.
    An upcoming feature of FlightLog Analyzer will be to correct these erroneous Takeoff and Landing counts in the Logbook.

  • Fixed an issue that could occur in .CSV type exports when the Aircraft Manufacturer, Aircraft Model, or Aircraft CodeName included an embedded Comma.

  • Fixed an issue on the Group Analysis page where sometimes the Aircraft Model name didn't exactly match what was shown on the main screen.



  • Minor correction to text-alignments in the Main and Group Analysis data tables.



  • Added Airport Name, City, and State information on Main logbook display.
    (for airports where that information is known)

  • Added the ability to specify a Start and End date on the Group Analysis and Summary page.

  • Enhanced the program's ability to better locate the FS Logbook file when a non-standard installation was used.



  • Added Custom Export to support Little Navmap imports.

  • Added Right-Click support to the Group Analysis display.
    Flights can now be Mapped, Exported, or Edited by Grouped Flight Attributes.

  • Added 'Sim DateTime' to the Main Display's data table. This is the simulated date / time of the flight, as opposed to the 'Wall Clock' time the flight was made.

    This field is also included in these Export files:
        Little Navmap (custom .csv)

  • Reorganized the Main Screen's layout.

  • Changed 'Column Re-ordering' to be allowed on all but the left-most column of each table.

  • Fixed bug related to the 'Reset Layout' functionality on the Main and Group Analysis screen.



  • Added the choice of Plotting by Time or by Distance, to the Flight Profile Chart.

  • Highlight 'From' and 'To' Airport-Identifies in Blue when the flight was only 'In the Vicinity' of the actual airport.

  • Highlight rows in the Main data table for flights that have Corrupted Flight Data.



  • Bug Fix to version



  • Added Grid-Lines to the Main display as well the Group Analysis display.



  • Fixed potential Day/Night Flight Time calculation error that could be caused by corrupted records in the FS Logbook file.

  • Corrected a missing comma in the header of the CSV export following the 'Flight Time - Night' column.


  • Fixed Day/Night Flight Time calculation for obscure cases where the flight ends while in the midst of Slewing.



  • Flight Time is now broken out into the Day and Night portions of the flight. These values have also been added to the .csv and .xml exports.

    Note: the addition of the new columns will reset 'saved column' information.

  • Added this Change Log to the application's Help menu



  • If the user customizes the ordering of the columns in the grids, that order is saved and then restored on program startup. A reset button is provided to reset back to column defaults



  • Fixed the Logbook Editor for Steam users
  • Fixed issue dealing with users trying to delete unneeded Logbook backup files from the “Restore Flight” screen
  • Logbook backup files, both automatic when using the Logbook Editor as well as manually created logbook backups, now show the number of flights in each backup file when viewed in the Restore tool window



  • Save and Restore user’s column selections on app’s Exist and Startup. Applies to both the Main Display and Flight Grouping Analysis. Eliminates the Preference option for “Day / Night Breakout of Takeoffs and Landings
  • Backups of the current Logfile are now only made After confirming the ‘Proceed with Flight Deletion’ prompt. Also, the backup file names now include the number of flights in each backup



  • Added “Logbook % Full” information to the main display


  • First Release of the application