FlightLog Analyzer

  Take Command of Your Logbook

       Flight Analyzer and Viewer for MSFS
            Written For Pilots, By Pilots

🛩️Introducing FlightLog Analyzer for Microsoft Flight Simulator! 🛩️

Are you a passionate virtual pilot, soaring through the skies in Microsoft Flight Simulator?
If so, we’ve got something exciting for you!
FlightLog Analyzer is your ultimate companion for managing and exploring your flight history.

Remember, Every Flight Tells a Story. Let FlightLog Analyzer be your co-pilot on this incredible journey!

Here's why you'll Love it:


  • View All Your Flights:
    No need to open Flight Simulator — FlightLog Analyzer reads directly from your internal logbook. See every takeoff, landing, and adventure at a glance.

  • Edit With Precision:
    Permanently remove unwanted flights. Keep your logbook pristine and focused on the memorable moments.

  • Accuracy is Everything:
    Correct Missing Takeoffs and Landings in Flight Simulator's Logbook

  • Export Your Logbook:
    Export Flight Simulator's Logbook as a .CSV, .XML, or .KML file, which can be imported into Excel, Google Earth, Volanta, LittleNavMap, SimToolKitPro, and Sky Dolly

  • Explore Flight Routes:
    Ever wondered where you’ve flown? Our tool lets you visualize your flight routes on Google Earth® and OpenStreetMap®. Trace your paths across the continents and oceans!

  • Group and Analyze:
    Curate your flights based on flight attributes. Group and Summarize by aircraft type, destinations, or any criteria you choose. Plunge into data like a seasoned aviator.

  • Altitude Profile Charts:
    Dive into the details! Check out altitude profiles for each flight. Ascend to the heavens or skim the treetops—your choice!

  • Progress Tracking:
    Achievements Progress Tracker provides comprehensive assistance in evaluating outstanding objectives necessary to complete your 'FS Achievements'. It’s an invaluable asset for meticulous progress tracking and strategic planning.

  • Backup and Restore:
    Safeguard your Flight Simulator logbook. Backup and restore your precious flight history with ease

  • Flexibility:
    Works with both the Microsoft / Asobo and Steam versions of Flight Simulator!

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Last Updated on 7/3/2024 1:13:00 PM UTC